It is urgent to run for culture

Between the scent of paper and that of ink, we carefully select independent magazines that represent a cure at the time of unculture as a value. By promoting editorial projects with refined content and aesthetics, we want to make a gesture of love and resistance.

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Profane magazine: French eccentricity and uniqueness

If you are a serial accumulator, a Sunday painter, if you are obsessed with unusual objects or have a secret passion, Profane is what is right for you. An independent French magazine that moves between art and collecting and is characterized by a truly experimental setting. The project has a single interest: the amateur, someone who is both amateur and amateur at the same time.
July 26, 2022
Il 14 luglio arriva il primo Secret Mag Party di Frab's

The first Frab's Secret Mag Party arrives on July 14th

Three years of Secret Mag Club and finally let's have a party to get to know us all: editors and readers! We are waiting for you at Base Milano all day with our temporary store and at 6.30 pm with talk and aperitif
July 11, 2022
Market cafe nel nostro Secret Mag Club di maggio

Market cafe in our Secret Mag Club in May

For our Secret Mag Club in May, we selected Market Cafe, the only independent magazine dedicated to the world of data visualization, founded by a duo of Italian information designers, Tiziana Alocci and Piero Zagami
May 29, 2022

Secret Mag Club

The first surprise subscription in Italy of independent magazines. Each month you receive a different magazine chosen by us for you. You never know what awaits you, but you know it will be beautiful.

Who is Frab's

Frab's is the remedy for those who have lost the senses of things. It selects and sells high quality and collectible periodicals online, usually hard to find in Italy.

Behind Frab's is me, Anna, a journalist from Molise who has moved to Romagna, there is my great passion for independent publishing, and there is Dario, the indispensable "accountant" of this great little cultural activity. Together we work constantly to give voice to this wonderful world that deserves to be valued also in Italy.