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October 22, 2021
Presentiamo Urbarïum a TrASPORTI - Forlì

We present Urbarïum at TrASPORTI - Forlì

The first appointment of "TRANSPORT", A new review of book presentations and artistic, photographic and illustration projects curated by" Marmo - library of contemporary art "and" Diagonal Loft Club ", is set for Thursday 15 October, at 6 pm.

The speakers will be "Spazi Indecisi" - the association will present the paper version of the maps IN LOCO - and Frab's Magazines & More, or Anna Frabotta and Dario Gaspari who will describe, together with the author of the book, Virginia Viapiano, their first publication as publishing house: "Urbarïum", a notebook to be filled in and updated to discover known and lesser known places, in the name of a different approach to tourism.

October 13, 2020
INDEPENDENT DAY - Frab's inaugura il suo spazio a LAB606 Roma | 15 febbraio - Frab's Magazines & More

INDEPENDENT DAY - Frab's inaugurates its space at LAB606 Rome | February 15

Thanks to the collaboration with Lab 606 WorkSpace, our first physical SPACE is born in Rome where you can find (always!) a selection of our Italian and international magazines. 
From design to fashion, from architecture to art declined in all its facets, the magazines that can be browsed and purchased at Lab 606, many of which cannot be found in Italy, come from China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe, United States , Middle East and Italy. 
January 30, 2020
Colazione con l'autore e Workshop con Francesco Ciaponi - 15 dicembre - Frab's Magazines & More

Breakfast with the author and Workshop with Francesco Ciaponi - 15 December

To the Slow Bar, via Bertola 52, Rimini

h 9.30
- free admission -

Francesco Ciaponi ( Editions of the Frisco ) tells himself in front of a coffee, presenting his latest editorial projects: the independent magazine "Friscospeaks" and the book "Jack. An illustrated biography", the story in pictures of the reckless life of Jack Nicholson (Goodfellas editions, 2019).
Moderated by Anna Frabotta of Frab’s Magazines & More, which will also be present with a small magazine corner for those who want to give and give themselves culture this Christmas!

h 11.00 - 16.00
- on reservation -
From theory to practice, it's time to create!

The workshop is divided into 2 phases: first a short introduction on the history of fanzines, then for those who want to get their hands dirty, a practical part in which participants can create their own fanzine without using digital tools!

Participants will be divided into small groups. Each group will identify the subject and style of their fanzine, with the most absolute freedom of choice, content and graphics. At the end of the workshop, each group will present their creations to the rest of the group and will discuss with the others the choices made and the most interesting phases of their creative process.

(materials and buffet lunch break by Bar Lento are included)

ATTENTION: limited places!
To register, go directly to the bar or, alternatively, pay the fee via paypal to sloweventirimini@gmail.com, no later than Friday 13 December.
December 14, 2019
architettura ravenna sottotraccia festival

UNDERTRACE - Ravenna 21-23 November

After the success of # sottotraccia17, CHUB Cantine Hub proposes the 3 days of concealed architecture, where the leitmotif with architecture will be water, from the nautical sector to urban furnishings and the design of coastal strips. It was decided to put into dialogue heterogeneous visions of this element so close to each of us and which constitutes one of the fundamental factors of the Ravenna economy. Through different points of view we want to bring attention to the particular relationship between Ravenna and water, a seaside city from which the sea cannot be seen, but which has a close cultural, historical and economic relationship with it.

21 NOVEMBER 2019
From 17.00 Aguardiente, Cocktails & Punches, True Spirits presents dedicated drinks and convivial drinks.
Frab's Tap, browse an independent magazine

Personal exhibition opening States of Water by Andrea Folli

meeting with Giovanni Gabbianelli  Bati-morphology of the Ravenna seabed.
From the submerged dunes of the Adriatic center to the numerous structures anthropogenic spread in the area.
meeting with Giovanni Fucci Wreck of the platform. Diving in the biological protection area now also "Site of Community Interest"
22 NOVEMBER 2019
From 17.00 Opening show States of water
Aguardiente, Cocktails & Punches, True Spirits presents dedicated drinks and convivial drinks.
Frab's Tap, browse an independent magazine

Meeting with Antonio Stignani Ravenna Maritime Park. 
Accessibility requalification and areas behind the bathing establishments of the Municipality of Ravenna.
meeting with Fulvio Dodich Water in dreams, in design, in products. Water, "ruler of the planet", a fundamental part of a global ecosystem, generator of dreams and design.
23 NOVEMBER 2019
From 17.00 Opening show States of water
Aguardiente, Cocktails & Punches, True Spirits presents dedicated drinks and convivial drinks.
Frab's Tap, browse an independent magazine

Meeting with Giovanni Ceccarelli Designing to live on the water.

A passion for the sea that has turned into a job.
meeting with Fabio Fiori Adriatic views. 
Notes on the geographical, cultural and material landscape of the Adriatic.
Food experience with Matteo Salbaroli of the Acciuga Osteria.

Iodine perfume  
 Pumpkin with ricotta seeds and anchovy sauce
Sardinian borage and panfritto pasta
Bosega alla mugnaia
Spiced panna cotta, chestnut and Cervia salt caramel.

Show States of Water
Opening hours: Thursday from 6.00pm to 10.00pm
 Friday and Saturday from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Free admission
November 19, 2019
Visibile: tendenze culturali contemporanee - Ravenna 9-10 Novembre - Frab's Magazines & More

Visible: contemporary cultural trends - Ravenna 9-10 November

Visibile is a new meeting point for lovers of design, fashion, music and art, a setting for contemporary artistic expression, where creatives and young artists will exhibit.
Visible is a way to temporarily live and re-inhabit an urban place, at various levels and with different actions.
The aim is to aggregate and populate by connoting unusual places with a new temporary use, in order to reinterpret them, making them visible from a new angle, through a path of filling and re-appropriating the community's gaze.

You will find us with our most beautiful art, design and fashion magazines on 9 and 10 November in Ravenna (Ex Artifieria Almagià, via dell'Almagià)

Facebook event link: www.facebook.com/events/520429602026131

November 08, 2019
Colpi di fulmine - Forlì - 4 Novembre 2019 - Frab's Magazines & More

Love at first sight - Forlì - 4 November 2019

Love at first sight is a brilliant idea born a few years ago in our city, from the enlightened mind of the director Francesco Selvi. It sounds like a joke, but it's an event for inspired minds. Arrive in Via Nullo in Forlì, at Francesco's house, ring his bell and you will find beautiful people, a home-made bar and a selected market of artist's works or incredible handicrafts.

The event is organized by Francesco when he likes, as he likes and inviting whoever he likes. We met him in the setting of the Garage Sale in Bagnacavallo and he was immediately "love at first sight", thus having the honor of participating with our selection in this event for refined palates and brilliant minds.

We are waiting for you from 7:43 pm (not 7:40 pm) on November 4th in Via Nullo, 52 in Forlì

November 01, 2019
Wave Market Fair Roma 5-6 Ottobre 2019 - Frab's Magazines & More

Wave Market Fair Rome 5-6 October 2019

Let's face it, we have a soft spot for fascinating locations. The industrial style of a former bus depot in the heart of Rome can only be one of these. And if the organization is taken care of in the smallest details by those who have been creating unique events for art and craftsmanship for years, even the trip to Rome is amply rewarded.

To all Romans, an indispensable stop in which to meet on 5 and 6 October is the Wave Market Fair in Rome on 5 and 6 October. 

Link to the website: www.wave-market.com
Wave Market Instagram Link: @wavemarketfair

October 01, 2019
Garage Sale al MAGMA Festival | Bagnacavallo (RA) 29 Settembre 2019 - Frab's Magazines & More

Garage Sale at MAGMA Festival | Bagnacavallo (RA) 29 September 2019

Garage halls is the concept of artisan craftsmanship, luxury vintage, excellent music and crazy atmospheres that animates the beating heart of Romagna.

In this edition Garage sale is partner of San Michele Off, an exclusive event organized by Magma inside the Convent of Bagnacavallo, a location in the deepest Romagna in the name of good music.

We will be in Bagnacavallo on September 29th for the whole day with our assortment in a space dedicated to us to show you live the editorial works of art that we carefully choose for you.

Friends and friends from every corner of Romagna, it is the right opportunity to have a chat and touch the most incredible magazines.

San Michele Off event link: Facebook

Instagram Garage Sale: @garagesaleravenna


September 28, 2019
Firenze Rivista 20-22 Settembre 2019 - Frab's Magazines & More

Florence Magazine 20-22 September 2019

Firenze Rivista is a young festival that aims straight at the goal. It was born in 2015 and is the main sector event dedicated to independent magazines in Italy. A market niche, a microcosm in the world of independent publishing, which finds its strength in three days of meetings, discussions, presentations, exhibition of the potential and history of each publisher. 

Frab's commitment to Florence Magazine: we will bring our rarest and most precious catalog. We strongly believe in the festival because it enhances independent Italian realities, to which we will leave ample space, to instead bring with us an exclusive selection of rare and "exotic" titles that arrive from all over the world and time and you will have found only in the most hidden corners of our site. 

Link to the website: www.firenzerivista.it

Instagram link: www.instagram.com/firenzerivista

September 15, 2019