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Everyone has their own tastes in terms of magazines, genres and topics obviously guide the reading choices, but there are some magazines that exceed these categories and manage to conquer readers in a transversal way. These are projects that always have the three characteristics that we too look for in a magazine: very high quality content, accurate and / or experimental design and graphics, high probability that we have a future triple or quadruple digit collector's item in our hands ( that a venial note sometimes doesn't hurt) and the ranking of our best sellers, which we generally draw up only at the end of the year, confirms this.

Taken by a necessary curiosity, before taking a few days off (more imaginary than real), we decided to give you a little midsummer "gift" and reveal to you which magazines you loved most in the first 6 months of year. 
Take this Top 10 as a guide to magazines to read, maybe not under the umbrella that you risk ruining them, and those that just shouldn't be missing in your library.

10) Graphic Project
The new issue has just come out and has already won a place in the Top 10! This is enough to know that Progetto Grafica is among the best Italian magazines in circulation.

9) Archive
In December it was in the ranking with its number on the 90s, so it is not surprising to find it here with an edition this time entirely dedicated to the fluorescent 80s

8) The Bloody Mary
It was in the year-end bestseller and holds its position in this midsummer ranking as well. On the other hand, we have loved this magazine ever since the sample copy arrived at home. Fresh and non-trivial graphics accompany a content that is not enough to define emotional ... and finally the second issue is coming!

7) Glimmer
It is our creature, indeed it is the creature of photographer Michele Arrabito on which we have decided to bet. Barlume is pure emotion to which we have added more emotion thanks to the words of four Milanese authors: Matteo B. Bianchi, Ivan Carozzi, Nicola Feninno and Giada Biaggi. I'm biased, it's true, but I can assure you that Barlume is a real caress for mind and heart.

6) TypeOne
Typography, experimentation, lettering, experimentation, graphic design, experimentation, movement, experimentation. Do we need to add more to explain why we find this magazine in our ranking?

5) K de Linkiesta
If there is a type of magazine that manages to reach a truly transversal audience, it is that of literary magazines. I mean, who doesn't like short stories? And if Linkiesta signs us, success is guaranteed. Prominent authors lend their voices (and the pen) to this all-Italian publishing experiment promoted with flying colors!

4) Freeman's Love
Well, what can I say! Long live literary magazines and long live love, both components of this edition of the magazine edited by literary critic and poet John Freeman. Published in Italy by Black Coffee, each issue of the magazine offers the reader a privileged point of view to broaden his gaze on the contemporary, American and international literary panorama.

3) Cabana
In addition to being the most snobbish of magazines and the one that will literally make your eyes pop with wonder (dreamy interiors and covers in designer fabrics are already a guarantee), we at Cabana also love the audacity and pride with which it raises its official cover cost when the number approaches sold out. Get a copy now because in a few months you will pay triple it! 

2) Perfect
Nameomen! Behind this magazine with an unusual format and a specific weight of over 4 kg hides Katie Grand, one of the most important stylists in the world who, after lending her creativity to projects of the caliber of Pop and Love, launches her magazine. Cross-media and complete, as Grand herself defines it, between art and fashion Perfect runs and chases old and new technologies, from Gucci flexydisc to Youtube videos to be opened thanks to QR codes strategically positioned between the pages. 

1) Carnal
On the podium we find what we believe is the revelation magazine of the year: eroticism, magazine, experimentation and augmented reality technologies make the first issue of the "magazine" conceived by Augusto Arduini and Simone Cossettini a real object of desire.

August 05, 2021 — Anna Frabotta

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