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In the beginning it was De Sade and his "Philosophy in the Boudoir" to excite distracted minds that captured only pornography and not socio-political thought from that text. Then came the illustrations that, in an ironic key, exuded eroticism at every stretch of ink. It was then up to photography to immortalize eager scenes of carnal love and, again, to the camera to record scenes and words whispered or screamed by voluptuous bodies in motion. One could re-read the entire industrial and technological revolution in a pornographic key, from the Gutenberg galaxy to the internet, but if over the centuries the media on which the world of porn lives have changed, what has not changed is the pleasure of getting excited.

Against the crisis of publishing and of the author porn sector, even the world of indiemags welcomes its bevy of magazines all dedicated to eroticism. With photographs halfway between art and fashion and texts that have nothing to do with the "50 shades" novel, magazines like Extra Extra, Odiseo or Phile, redefine the boundaries of erotic publication and excite all the senses, starting from the trained eye in search of beauty.

To make us powerfully enjoy on paper there is also Bones, all-Italian erotic fanzine born from the genius of Alice Scornajenghi. 
We love it starting from its title, which is the onomatopoeic transposition of one of the most classic moans emitted between the sheets, up to its pages soaked in fluorescent ink, pushy but sensual photos and psychedelic textures, in which there is to be lost. sighs. "In each issue a dirty tale from worlds that we hope really exist and photos taken by someone you would like to know you", the back cover of the three issues published so far reads to be honest.

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Curious to know more about this incredible project, we interviewed its founder for Artwave.it who told us how she wanted to create a "dirty little magazine done well".
Find the complete interview with Alice HERE

March 29, 2022 — Anna Frabotta

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