We started because we love real things, made of paper and that you can touch with your hand. We were thrilled the first time one of you wrote us that, in the same place (now abandoned) in the photo of a very remote Italian provincial building just sent to her, there was just the day before our package arrived. Analogue photos have now become an essential part of the packages we send you. 

Personalizing the packages, writing them one by one, is the mirror of the meticulous and very personal work behind Frab's. The old analogue photographs, on the other hand, were born as a chance to become a great love that we cultivate together with the fun of choosing which one to match with your magazine. foto vintage frab's

Over the years we have collected a large number of photographs, strictly for non-collectors. Old albums often tell entire stories of life, which will not remain in some computer archive of a multinational and which, if not properly guarded, will disappear forever. As with the magazines before Frab's was born, we started to save them from old archives, antique dealers and flea markets.

These photos often tell simple life stories, unique fragments that, taken individually, explode with vitality even though, at times, in their awkwardness, in their imperfection, in their wonderful truthfulness. We think that those who buy at Frab's enjoy a cultural integrity that allows them to truly appreciate these gestures and, most likely, to carefully preserve these fragments of the past that would otherwise be lost. 

From March 2020, however, there is another news, reserved for members of the Secret Mag Club: we decided to give life to these photos. 

We often have fun imagining what has been in the true story of the people and places portrayed and finally we have decided to put on paper what has become a small new project for us.

And so, starting from March, subscribers to the Secret will receive a story written by us with the photo. It is a mini-installment story (the space available is that of a cover) that tells the story of people throughout their life. At each issue of the Secret Mag Club, a new episode in history. 

Like all new things, we know when to leave (March 2020), but not when to finish. Our imagination has been swarming with ideas and time traveling for months now, and we really can't wait to share it with you. 

Of course, in full Secret style, the lyrics will not be published online or anywhere else during the narration of this tale. You will be able to read the story only on the physical packages of the magazines sent with the subscription. 

So, if you don't want to miss it, you can only join the Secret Mag Club HERE


March 03, 2020 — Dario Gaspari

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