The essential study n.2


L'essenziale studio is an Italian magazine of visual culture that is divided between fashion, art and architecture. Luca De Stefano, Editor-in-chief of L'Essenziale studio is a creative who creates this magazine with the popular intention of putting together projects in these 3 disciplines. 
In fact, the magazine is the presentation of realities active in these worlds, from emerging stylists to the presentation of renowned architectural complexes, to contemporary art projects selected for the magazine. The fil rouge not wanted by the author himself, but which accompanies the whole magazine is minimalist, simple, essential attention and forms. 
The main intent of the magazine is to address creativity through the use of the image. "Observers of ideas, words and images" is the claim that subtitles the magazine. Inside, therefore, we find interviews by De Stefano himself with the authors of these projects and a wide use of photographs that show them to us.

This magazine is intended for those who, in these three disciplines, want to know in depth new projects selected for their uniqueness. 

The paper product could be defined as simple and "essential" as the title of the magazine.