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MONU (Magazine on Urbanism) is an independent biannual magazine for architects, urban planners and theorists who are working on topics close to the urban. This magazine, in fact, focuses on the city in a broad sense, not only dealing with urban planning, but also with politics, economics, geography, ecology and social aspects.
Architecture is one of the many fields covered by the magazine - fields which are all grouped under the generic term of "urbanism".
MONU is an independent niche publication born in Rotterdam in 2004, defines itself as a nonconformist and among its pages collects critical articles, images, concepts and urban theories of architects, urban planners and theorists from all over the world on a given topic.

Dimensions: 20x27 cm
Number of pages: 132
Soft cover
English language

Although ours characterized by a massive use of social media, it marked a change in what traditionally were the spaces for public discussion, when it comes to "protest urbanism" there still seems to be the need - and validity - to have bodies physicists in a public space for a protest to have an effect, as Mabel O. Wilson argues in our "Learning from Protests" interview. Bodies occupying large spaces or marching through different types of arteries, be they streets or squares, still seem to be central tactics for people engaged in political protest. It is visceral encounters in physical spaces that trigger deeper and more emotional connections, as we are taught by the various kinds of protests that inflame souls and squares all over the world.