1413 Magazine


1413 magazine is the independent magazine that talks about today's China in the most irreverent way possible. Far from the concept of every Western magazine we know, each issue takes as its theme a single phenomenon that characterizes Chinese culture and tells it in the most eccentric way possible, with a design studied in detail for this purpose. It does so by adapting itself each time to the topic dealt with, changing the style and modality of the story.

1413 was born in room 1413 of the University of Peking, where in 2015 Lisa and Echo met, two young Chinese who study fashion design and decide to give their colleagues a publication that would represent the most relevant aspects of their lives as young Asians. In China, which we see as hyper-digital, they see a paper product precisely because they rightly believe that in a world of media chaos the value of something tangible is something that remains impressed and leaves its mark.

The first copies are distributed only at Peking University and are sold out immediately. After university, the magazine takes a break, but after a few years of hiatus, with Echo living in New York and Lisa staying to work in Shenzen, China, the magazine is back in print in 2020. The the aim is still to represent some salient features of contemporary Chinese society. 

It is a magazine for those who, outside the rhetoric of the traveler, want to know the truest aspects of today's society of the Chinese giant, and for those who want to experience the effect of a magazine outside the canons of the Western ones we are used to knowing, a a bit '90s, a bit kitsch, but extremely current in the Asian giant. 



This issue is all about idolatry, that very Chinese phenomenon that drives fans mad for their idol. From those who have sold everything to follow their guru and squandered their possessions to buy gadgets, to those who run every day to be the best fan.

In today's China, those of fans are identity and competitive communities. Often they represent madness and border on maniacal attitudes, within the social media dedicated to them and in the groups that are created.

Fans are also those able to consecrate a new idol or to declare, even with futile reasons, called her disappearance from the scene. Internet and social media have made this phenomenon raw, almost violent and very fast.

Issue 6 is printed in spring 2020 and is inspired by Produce 101, the most famous talent show in China in 2018. It tells the lives, stories, ways of idolatry and the future of the most aggressive Chinese fans up close. 

 Edition of 500 copies

Pages: 140D

Dimensions: 27.5x21 cm

Language: English / Chinese bilingual
Each issue contains the 1413 Magazine banner attached