Me n.5


Akin is a lifestyle magazine that calls itself "fiercely independent". Its pages include the stories of independent creatives and artisans, voices, points of view and different interpretations in an independent world. 

English language
Number of pages: 98

Issue 05 is all about the theme of new beginnings, challenging them, accepting them and embracing them.
Contents: Shopping and sustainable fashion | The calm before the new start storm | Living on the earth when I have always lived on the sofas of others | The Power of the Pack - Saunton Surf Sisters | Coming home at 20 was the new start I needed.
Contributions: Sam Binstead, Madeleine the founder of Juni, Stick Ceramics, Vicky Knits, Sarah the founder of Blackwood, Gemma & Thomas the founders of L'Hexagone & Chueco.