Are We Europe n.10


Are We Europe is a European magazine of interculturality and in-depth journalism. Based in Brussels, it was born in 2016 from the idea of 4 strongly pro-European friends, but disillusioned with the ways in which the European Union and its bureaucracy were and still are told.
Are We Europe focuses on the story of the peoples who live in Europe and who in some way have relations with it, focusing on the story of the people and the human events that compose them. 
Over the years Are We Europe has become a real center of study and analysis of the European Union in a different perspective from the common one visible in the mass media. Over 500 contributors and photographers have collaborated on the magazine and at the same time a podcast and an online platform was born that enriches the narration.
The magazine is an excellent paper object with a careful design in which we find stories, infographics, journalistic insights and a rich photographic support that in each issue tells about a different theme in its articles

English language
Pages: 144

What can sport tell us about who we are? This magazine is for both sports fans and skeptics!
Sport is the foundation of the nation, symbolism, anthems and collective pride. But also of exclusion, violence and collective hysteria. They inspire us to push the limits of human endurance, to seek glory and suffer loss, but also to express ourselves and learn more about our bodies.

In this number:
- How Capoeira helped my sister find and maintain her position in Europe
- The Snagglerats, the Scottish skateboard girls
- Line dance and East German nostalgia
- Build a global warming-proof ski resort in Italy
- How many Neymars? An infographic on big gains in the sports industry