Buffalo zine n.14


Buffalo zine is a powerful fashion and creativity magazine that changes style, editorial line with each issue and has its roots in eclecticism.
The idea for the magazine was born many years ago in Madrid by a team of two creative and graphic friends, David Uzquiza And Adrian González-Cohen who, working in the world of fashion and advertising for some time decide to put their personal projects on paper and a free magazine comes out, which certainly starts from the world of fashion but completely eradicates any concept of a fashion magazine. 

The Buffalo editorial team spent a summer in London with Coumba and her friends Gretchen, Mischa, Zach, Lauren, Tosia, LC and Fede.
Reunited after COVID, in real life and away from their online avatars, they talked to Courtney Love, Douglas Coupland, Ib Kamara and Paul B Preciado, among others, about everyday life, messed up times and the future.
With them also legendary and young documentary photographers, such as Tom Wood, Rob Bremmer, Benedict Brink, Ewen Spencer, Sophie Wedgwood and Tom Sloan who give us what appears to be the reportage of the training portrait of a group of friends.

Hard cover
English language
Pages: 268