CARE n.37


TREATMENT. is a curatorial and editorial platform founded by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin in 2009. It consists of a magazine, a publishing house and an exhibition program that operates internationally in collaboration with museums, foundations, galleries, institutions and independents. Curatorial research and critical activity developed by CURA. they focus both on the investigation of new contemporary languages and on the development and creation of new exhibition formats.

TREATMENT. magazine can be understood as a dynamic and flexible exhibition space in continuous evolution, where the reader can discover the most interesting expressions of contemporary visual arts.
The magazine includes specific sections dedicated to past and present curatorial approaches and interventions by curators and artists who propose experiments between text, graphics and images. Conversations, visual essays, critical texts, thematic analyzes, laboratory projects are just some of the various formats through which the contents of the magazine are developed and presented. The different sections allow the exploration and presentation of a wide range of artistic practices and are the facets of a single and organic research project.

The new issue of CURA intertwines the themes of After Language and Post Society and explores the way in which the radical change in the economic, political, cultural, linguistic situation and the emotional structures that define our present is called to identify alternative and functional models for the advancement of the "new".

Among its pages we find unpublished contributions and writings by Achille Bonito Oliva and Vittoria Matarrese on Anne Imhof; a shot by Simon Denny who, in dialogue with Elena Filipovic, investigates the blockchain system and the digital economy; a site specific project by Nora Turato and Sabo Day; the preview of the new DIS film, No Homo, introduced by Ava Tomasula y Garcia; Beichen Yang's text on the concept of the New Man in Cao Fei's work; Francesca Gavin on Sex Militant, the project carried out by a collective of artists and activists committed to the revolution and sexual liberation; Adriana Blidaru on New Red Order (NRO), the "public secret society" that collaborates with "informants", to subversively but seriously question the wishes towards the indigenous. And again: a special project conceived by David Horvitz; a vocabulary of images extracted from the Warburg atlas generated by artificial intelligence and taken from the book Atlas Anomalous AI by Ben Vickers and K Allado-McDowell; a conversation of Slavs and Tartars and Ingrid Luquet-Gad and aLifveForms in dialogue with the philosopher and writer Samo Tomšič.

In the Portraits section: Hana Miletić is presented by Chus Martínez; Rosa Salane by Camila Palomino; Lola Kramer's Rachel Rossin; Johanna Thorell's Yein Lee and Whitney Mallett's Jonny Negron.