Doc! Photo Magazine


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Doc! is a contemporary photography magazine of BLOW UP PRESS, a Polish publishing house focused on photography.
Among its pages, it publishes projects that discuss today's world with its problems, challenges and pleasures. Alongside the photographic stories, the magazine also features essays on photography and interviews.
Born as an online magazine, today doc! photo magazine is a high-level print publication featuring emerging and established photographers whose projects follow the magazine's motto: WHEN THE STORY MATTERS. 

Dimensions: 23.5x32 cm
Number of pages: 184
Cover: soft
English language

This issue of doc! is dedicated to climate change. Within its pages, the problem is approached from as many perspectives as possible, starting with a historical scheme of carbon extraction, the greatest environmental destroyer. We then have an overview of ocean pollution; the disastrous effects of excessive industrialization; profiles of people who seek to inspire others to act for the benefit of the climate and local communities; as well as artistic presentations of landscapes undergoing man-made changes. These are pages that, on the one hand, emphasize the destructive role of man, but, on the other, show the power of nature to recapture an abandoned place. But above all, these are pages that (hopefully) will inspire all of us to help stop climate change.