Hidden Scotland n.3


Hidden Scotland is an independent travel magazine that comes from Scotland and is dedicated to this wonderful land and its surroundings, with the aim of inspiring travelers and inhabitants of Scotland to go out and consciously explore "one of the most beautiful that our planet has to offer ".
The editors of Hidden Scotland want to show that sustainable travel gives back something to communities and offers the traveler an authentic experience: "now more than ever people want to go home from a journey feeling enlightened and transformed".

We will start with four powerful words: the past is alive.
Scotland is a land sculpted by its history, a place shaped by the passage of time and in the pages of the third issue of Hidden Sctoland, the past becomes a recurring theme.
We explore the Isle of Skye, where dinosaurs once roamed. We enter the imposing Caledonian forest, strolling through the undergrowth of the temperate rainforest that once covered almost the entire country. We also take a stroll among the extraordinary Neolithic sites that make Scotland one of the world's foremost repositories of Stone Age architecture.
Moving forward into more recent centuries, we visit the historic towns and ancient places of worship that mark the Borders Abbeys Way, learn more about the 17th century witches of Shetland, and learn about Dumfries & Galloway's past. We also hear the ancient story of Thomas the Rhymer and take a ride along the fabulous Highland road which is Bealach na Bà.
But there is more to these pages, of course, than in the past. Let's meet some of the most inspiring creatives and artisans of this land.