Shit n.5


Merde is an ironic and irreverent magazine that explores the world of fashion and its dynamics without filters and with a good dose of humor, exploring a different theme in each issue. 
The magazine welcomes in its pages atypical creative expressions and the voices of unlikely storytellers who ride the fashion scenes from the inside or who observe them from the outside.
Merde fits into that line of magazines created to satisfy the postmodern desire of an unconventional fashion magazine and is based on four pillars: DIVERSITY because it is not limited to glossy images; REFLECTION and awareness, OVERVERSIONTo con the goal is to destroy typical structures by infusing humor and good old-fashioned fun, SATIRA, parody, pastiche and mimicry - find it here.

Number of pages: 144
Dimensions: 22x30 cm
English language

Contradictions, disputes and oppositions in the fashion scene, the fifth issue of MERDE, in its new large format, features collaborators including:
Tom Brannigan, Matthew Burgos, Malorie Shmyr, Gab Bois, Lot28 Design, Dopl World, Daniel Arrnabar, Federico Cabrera and many others.