Woman's n.3


Muliseris is an Italian bimonthly magazine of art declined to women (and feminism). Each issue explores a different theme, linked to gender issues, through the different forms of art: photography, illustration, poetry, storytelling, painting, sculpture. Among its pages it is possible to find insights and interviews with Italian artists.
Mulieris starts from the idea that there is a strong gender inequality in the art world, where women are disadvantaged and often relegated to secondary roles. This editorial project, therefore, is a means of helping artists to sensitize readers to the condition and vision of women.

Mulieris is not just a magazine, but a platform, a safe place, a community, a source of art and events created by women, but which aims to speak to everyone regardless of gender. 

Number of pages: 200
Dimensions: 16,07x23,07 cm
Cover: soft
English language 

ISSUE 3 -  what drives you? what stops you?
The third issue of Mulieris magazine explores two apparently opposing aspects, but which coexist as if they were the implications of the same medal: what drives us? what's blocking us? 
Artists and creators question, reflect and inspire us on what drives their works and their days or on the things that keep them still, nailed to more mental than physical blocks. 
The magazine is divided into two mirror parts, to read the second half you have to rotate it and start over from the end. In between, to hold everything together, the interview and the works of the artist Cecilia Sammarco: "what blocks me is not so far from what guides me. There is no freedom without obstacles that push us further".