Puss Puss n.14


Culture, fashion, art and ... cats! Yes, you got it right, between the pages of Puss Puss Magazine our favorite felines are also hiding because Kiss Kiss tells of free and independent people, who follow their own path without letting themselves be influenced, just like cats do.
every six months, Kiss Kiss features interviews, articles and fashion shoots from the most eccentric and established talents from around the world.

Dimensions: 20x28 cm
Number of pages: 336 
Cover: soft
English language

Nature has an amazing way of regenerating and emerging from ruin and destruction and as we are slowly emerging from this global hiatus, there are many things to be excited about. With this awareness comes gratitude for what we have and a newfound sense of optimism. Of course not all is great and our world faces daily challenges, but perhaps this is the time we can be the change, learning from this experience to be kinder and focus on the things that matter: community, family, mental health. , freedom to be and to create are all the things you will find in this new issue of Puss Puss magazine.

In this issue: Renata Litvinova - IDK - Olivia Dean - Kenzie TTH - Deto Black - Paz de la Huerta - Olivia Vinten - Paul Sinclair - Cameron McCool - Daria Strokous - anaiis