Quaderno della Gente di Mare by Sirene Journal


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Not a book. A notebook, a flow of thoughts, emotions, quotes from the great literature of the sea, black and white images of young sailors on board, to tell how the sea manages to affect people's lives and change their perspective, even in the most everyday aspects of life. Floating, breathing, seeing, listening, speaking, smelling, touching, sleeping, drinking, eating, dressing, leaving, arriving, walking, living: primary acts that mark the difference between a "dry" life and a splash of salt water .   
The Book of the Seafarers it is an incitement to sea life and a partisan and passionate thesis on the primacy of salt water.

Dimensions: 15x22 cm
Number of pages: 112 + 4
Paper: Favini Shiro Alga and Favini Crush Lavender
Visible thread binding
Language: available in Italian and English (select the language at the time of purchase)

Sirene is an independent Italian magazine that only talks about the sea and the whole archipelago of life that revolves around it. Inside you will find stories and pieces of life closely linked to the sea and its life that is not disturbed by the miserable events of earthly life. Sailboats, divers, fishermen, simple ferry commuters, exotic villages, subsistence fishing, Sirene tells with the common thread of light wisdom that only the sea can give emotions, deep feelings and the stories it can tell.