Sidetracked n.22


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Sidetracked is an independent magazine loaded with adventurous travels to inspire you. Born from the passion of wanting to tell the experiences of those who have set out on a journey, putting aside the fear and doubt of experimenting new things, the aim of the magazine is to surprise the reader with stories told in the most compelling and visually stunning way. possible. The result is to have in your hands not a simple magazine, but a door through which to immerse yourself in the journey of those who have captivating stories to tell.
Every four months, the magazine presents the efforts of a global group of adventurers, writers and photographers all trying to push (their own) boundaries.

Pages: 144
English language

ISSUE 22 - The Stark Majesty of Nature
In this issue you will find adventure stories from the wildest places in the world: stories of adversity, ambition, endurance and courage. Stories that question what our purpose is in a changing world and how we can help create a better future.
In "Uncontrollable", Graham Zimmerman faces landslides and avalanches when temperatures reach 12 ° C on K2.
Lewis Pugh swims in icy waters through Greenland's Ilulissat Fjord. A more intimate and domestic side of Siberia is revealed by photographer Michael Turek and Sophy Roberts, while in "Arctic 12" Jackie Paaso tells a story of teamwork and compromise while attempting to climb and ski the entire 2000m of Sweden.
Travel makes us reflect on both boundless and personal realities, as Martin Hartley shows us in "Overview", flying over Ellesmere Island, and in "Mind Games", in which Jenny Tough digs deep to find the strength to keep running.

Join us in this volume of Sidetracked to explore the raw majesty of the natural world and how adventure can bring new perspectives, positive changes and connections.