Storied n.3


Storied is an independent magazine dedicated to Japan's little-known people, traditions and places. It is a travel magazine written by Japanese with a very specific intent: to reverse and make the country's tourism more sustainable. Aware that in recent decades mass tourism has invaded and significantly influenced the way of interpreting a land once shrouded in charm and mystery, the magazine's goal is to provide ideas for alternative travels able to introduce authentic gems of the country. 

What the publishers are committed to do is go and find enchanting places and equally interesting people especially in the world of culture, art and design, and talk to them to make them ambassadors of their lands. 

Inside there are also small travel tips and practical information for those who would like to visit these places from afar. 

The third issue of Storied magazine celebrates Japan's enduring relationship with cedar. The tall branches of these sacred trees - among the symbols of Shintoism - have long been intertwined with the country's spiritual culture.
In this issue, we reflect on how the perception of cedar in Japan has evolved from ancient appreciation to its view as a kind of modern threat. We contemplate how we can effectively use cedar to tune in more sustainably with Japan's wooded places and visit creatives and designers whose visions are inspiring positive change.
This edition of Storied celebrates craftsmanship and traditions and the use of cedar in our daily life. 

Pages: 96
English language
Cover: Soft
Circulation: 2,500 copies