Tank - The Travel issue


Tank is an independent English magazine launched in 1998 by Masoud Golsorkhi and artistic director Andreas Laeufer, which deals with contemporary culture, fashion, art, architecture, technology and politics.
It is considered one of the pioneering publications in the world of independent magazines, because it has always balanced a low number of advertisers with a high cover price. 
Its slogan "Small tank, big fish" started a trend in which creatives, writers, artists and photographers could look beyond conventional discussion areas.
Since its launch, the Tank group has expanded to include Tank Form, tank.tv, TankBooks and Why magazine.

Number of pages 304
English language

As the world provisionally reopens to travel, calls for a "return to normal" have been stifled by the urgent siren call of the climate disaster.
The reach of our physical world seems ever smaller, but how could travel be reinvented and re-proposed in this new and increasingly digital post-Covid era?