The Bloody Mary Magazine n.1


The Bloody Mary is an Italian experimental magazine born from the idea of Jesy Moliterno and Uliana Sgura during the lockdown, with the desire to enhance on paper new projects in the world of art, fashion and photography.

The magazine has a strong visual and photographic component, through which photographic and artistic projects by young professionals are presented. Furthermore, the collaboration with some emerging brands sheds light on new shapes and styles in the world of fashion.

The graphics and product research in the publishing field are well cared for, since the magazine, in the intentions of the two creators, is the means through which paper can irreplacably enhance the projects presented. 

ISSUE 1 - Genesis

Issue # 1 "Genesis" tells the origin of this publishing project, creating parallels with the theme of creation and traveling through the philosophical meanders of the symbolism related to it. Beginning and end, good and evil, life and death, heaven and hell, past, present and future, alchemy, Eternal Return, Nietzsche. Between studies, research, graphics, painting, photography, tarot cards, tattoos and fashion. A number paginated in reverse, where the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. See you at the beginning.

Italian language
Info issue: 21x26cm
Cover 300g
148 pages Natural matte paper 140g