Trigger n.3


Trigger is the magazine of the FOMU, the Photo Museum of Antwerp. 
The magazine was created with the aim of hosting
 writers, researchers and artists interested in providing contributions that can stimulate a debate on contemporaneity that can go from computational photography, to curatorial practices, to crossovers with popular culture, to documentary, activism, queer writing, etc.
Its pages include essays, interviews, but also doctoral research and contributions by artists.

Dimensions: 24x32 cm
Number of pages 96
Soft cover
English language

The third issue of Trigger deals with the theme of care and assistance by collecting forms, coalitions, conflicts and archives of care through photography and visual art practices.
How do artists and photographers create more caring relationships between humans, technology and nature? 

Assistance is at the top of the political, ethical and spiritual agenda. A lot of attention goes to pre-care, making sure you can level out what could become future imbalances and injustices. Long-standing conflicts between global and local interests, the growing income gap, the unequal distribution of goods and services became even more evident during the pandemic. 
In this context, photography plays an important role in making conflicts visible by exploring the boundaries between art, activism and journalism.

In this issue we find contributions from: Aurélie Bayad, Bindi Vora, Silvy Crespo, Pablo Lerma, Liz Orton & Sharon Young, Mashid Mohadjerin, Grace Ndiritu, WAI Architecture Think Tank, Lisa Barnard, Mónica Alcázar-Duarte, Mischa Vallejo, Gerard Ortín Castellví, Noémi Goudal, Mónica Alcázar- Duarte, Frida Orupabo, Rune Peitersen, The Archive of Public Protests