Uppercase n. 51


Uppercase comes from Canada ed is a quarterly magazine of crafts, fashion, illustration and design published by Janine Vangool.
Characterized by always illustrated and colorful covers, which deliberately exclude the presence of human figures to be as inclusive as possible, among its equally colorful pages you will find many creative ideas, from DIY activities, to reading tips, from illustrations to stories of artists and creatives from all over the world, to give you intense moments of inspiration.

The quilts are personal.
Whether created by hand or machine, the seams and stitches that make up a quilt come from the heart and mind of the creator.
Quilts are art.
Things that alone had little use are brought together and reinvigorated in a patchwork of self-expression.
Quilts are poetry.
For both textile artists and newbies, their tradition and visual history evokes emotion, memory and history.
Quilts are reinvention.
Quilts and patchwork can inspire us to create written, drawn, painted or collage art.
By assembling the unique pieces of ourselves in a blanket of shared cultures and values, we take fragments of ideas, fragments of fabric and pieces of ourselves and reassemble them into a larger whole.