It is urgent to run for culture

Between the scent of paper and that of ink, we carefully select independent magazines that represent a cure at the time of unculture as a value. By promoting editorial projects with refined content and aesthetics, we want to make a gesture of love and resistance.

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Intervista alla redazione di Eki magazine

Interview with the editors of Eki magazine

Eki magazine is a new independent Italian art magazine for those who love light, draw inspiration from it, study it or simply observe it. It is a space for sharing, comparison and enrichment between the different technical and creative approaches linked to light. It welcomes established and emerging artists from all over the world. 
July 04, 2021
Manaròt nel nostro Secret Mag Club di giugno

Manaròt in our Secret Mag Club in June

Manaròt, the magazine we have selected for our June Secret, is a strange creature, who however lets himself be loved. Daughter of a territory that has shaped it, between Trentino and Alto Adige / Südtirol, it brings back in its pages with essential graphics all the cultural contaminations, hybridizations and creative chaos that only border areas know. Nicolò Tabarelli and Davide Gritti tell us about their editorial project, including funny anecdotes and literary forays.
July 02, 2021
Carnale magazine riscrive la storia delle riviste erotiche

Carnale magazine rewrites the history of erotic magazines

Carnale is not just a fashion and eros magazine, it is a forerunner of what periodical publishing, independent and otherwise, should do to survive the spells of those who have been extolling its end for years, but above all an intelligent way to combine analog and digital. in a marriage that we wish very long

June 27, 2021

Secret Mag Club

The first surprise subscription in Italy of independent magazines. Each month you receive a different magazine chosen by us for you. You never know what awaits you, but you know it will be beautiful.

Who is Frab's

Frab's is the remedy for those who have lost the senses of things. It selects and sells high quality and collectible periodicals online, usually hard to find in Italy.

Behind Frab's is me, Anna, a journalist from Molise who has moved to Romagna, there is my great passion for independent publishing, and there is Dario, the indispensable "accountant" of this great little cultural activity. Together we work constantly to give voice to this wonderful world that deserves to be valued also in Italy.