It is urgent to run for culture

Between the scent of paper and that of ink, we carefully select independent magazines that represent a cure at the time of unculture as a value. By promoting editorial projects with refined content and aesthetics, we want to make a gesture of love and resistance.

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To the question "what is Gleam?" We can answer you briefly that it is the photographer's bookzine Michele Arrabito, with stories by Giada BiaggiMatteo Bianchi, Nicola Feninno and Ivan Carozzi.
But we also want to tell you that Barlume is a very particular editorial creature, the result of a carnal and somewhat mysterious passion that leads to being able to grasp beauty where others do not see it.
May 30, 2021
Discontent - I temi politici nel mondo indipendente

Discontent - Political issues in the independent world

There are still few well-made political journals in the independent world. Discontent is an exciting new release from 2021 that focuses on current events and turmoil in the Middle East.
May 23, 2021
Intervista a Purpurri: collage artist e collezionista di magazine

Interview with Purpurri: collage artist and magazine collector

Paper, scissors and glue: these are roughly the working tools of a collage artist. We interviewed one who made a poster for Frab's (free to download) full of visual stimuli to get inspired and create their own collage.


May 23, 2021

Secret Mag Club

The first surprise subscription in Italy of independent magazines. Each month you receive a different magazine chosen by us for you. You never know what awaits you, but you know it will be beautiful.

Who is Frab's

Frab's is the remedy for those who have lost the senses of things. It selects and sells high quality and collectible periodicals online, usually hard to find in Italy.

Behind Frab's is me, Anna, a journalist from Molise who has moved to Romagna, there is my great passion for independent publishing, and there is Dario, the indispensable "accountant" of this great little cultural activity. Together we work constantly to give voice to this wonderful world that deserves to be valued also in Italy.