Intervista: Robida, quando la rivista fa davvero comunità

Intervista: Robida, quando la rivista fa davvero comunità

Robida è una strana creatura, una rivista un po' italiana e un po' slovena dall'identità apparentemente precaria, eppure solidissima, come sono tutte le cose di confine. Tra le sue pagine scorrono tante anime e tutte fanno capo a un'idea di cultura pura e multidisciplinare che spazia dall'arte alla filosofia, dalla letteratura alla società. In questa intervista corale, le sue ideatrici ci raccontano di una rivista che è stata davvero in grado di fare comunità, ma danno anche qualche consiglio a chi vuole avvicinarsi al mondo dei magazine indipendenti.
January 08, 2022
Cosa ci aspettiamo nel mondo delle riviste indipendenti nel 2022?

What do we expect in the world of independent magazines in 2022?

The last two years have also been out of the ordinary in the world of independent magazines. Many publications have closed, many others have been born, there is a desire to experiment, but there is also fear of economic uncertainties. In short, the last two years have traced what, in our opinion, will be the trends of the next few years. We have tried to summarize them here.
December 30, 2021
La Festa di Natale di Frab's: magazine e non solo

Frab's Christmas Party: magazine and more

There are giraffes with the body in one dish and the head (in the clouds) in the other, there are circus elephants and chimpanzees with red hats, divers and fish, birds and kittens, illuminated letters and wild boars, cheetahs and magic pipers in the world fantastic of Ziameim. You can find it only for Sunday 19 December in our store in Forlì, where we are waiting for you for the Christmas party
December 18, 2021
Il Calendario dell'avvento di Frab's: #15 Flow Book n.9

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 15 Flow Book # 9

By now you will have understood, our Advent Calendar goes a bit in fits and starts, but it is definitely worth waiting a while to discover something extremely beautiful like a Flow Book for Paper Lovers. Enjoy! 
December 15, 2021
Nasce Dàme, la nuova rivista edita Frab's Publishing

Dàme is born, the new magazine published by Frab's Publishing

A new magazine is born in Frab's house! Dàme, founded by Sara Augugliaro, published by Frab's Publishing, is one of those projects that use the magazine format as a means to achieve a greater goal: create a debate around normalization ed acceptance of your body, prevention to discrimination, gender boundaries, sexuality e inclusion. 
December 15, 2021
guida ai regali di natale di frab's magazines

Frab's Christmas gift guide

No, we couldn't choose them all, but as partial as this guide is (write us for personalized advice!) We have selected some of the magazines that it is impossible not to love. Our guide to magazines to give for Christmas will help you juggle the hundreds of titles in our catalog, but above all to make you look good by choosing the perfect gift
December 13, 2021
Il calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's: #8-9 Nodes Journal

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 8-9 Nodes Journal

Nodes is an Italian journal of art and neuroscience. Investigate the relationship between these two worlds with a unique style of its kind. Celebrate its 10th anniversary with an unmissable issue that talks about music, design, art and uniqueness.
December 08, 2021
Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's: #7 Where the leaves fall

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 7 Where the leaves fall

Where the leaves fall it is not only the magazine with the most romantic name that we have in our catalog, it is above all a magazine that has an important objective: to re-evaluate our relationship with nature, but above all to re-establish it as an integral part of our life, rather than considering it a marginal factor.
December 07, 2021
Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's: #5 e #6 Inque

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 5 and # 6 Inque

Some magazines are so important that they occupy two boxes on our calendar. Inque is one of the most important releases of 2021, a magazine that will have only 10 issues to document through literature and art a decade that will define our future. Large format, limited edition and important names make it an unmissable collector's item.
December 06, 2021
Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's #4: Support magazine

Frab's Advent Calendar # 4: Support magazine

A row of ants on fire, a zoom on round pink buttocks, abstract dream shades or landscapes that might seem apocalyptic. 
At a first and quick glance Support almost disorients and fascinates at the same time, capable as it is of keeping us glued to its thick and smooth pages. New illustration magazine, Support magazine lets us discover talents from all over the world.
December 04, 2021