Indoors Zine: una free-zine in pdf sulla vita da quarantena - Frab's Magazines & More

Indoors Zine: a free-zine in pdf about quarantine life

In recent months there are those who have given us small and free pills of culture and independent publishing. Like the collaborators of It's Nice That who came up with a free zine to download for free, all dedicated to isolation and indoor quarantine life.
May 17, 2020
Rubbish: la FAMzine a "conduzione familiare" che vi emozionerà - Frab's Magazines & More

Rubbish: the "family-run" FAMzine that will thrill you

Rubbish comes from Singapore and is a FAMzine, or “family zine”, the result of the artistic collective of the Lim family. We loved it from the beginning because it arrives where we would not be able to find a precise definition for "art of independent publishing". 
He invented a different and very little used concept in this world and perfectly gives the sense of an object whose genesis and method of realization are a very substantial part of its value.


April 14, 2020
Ossì fanzine erotica

Get excited among the pages of a fanzine, or Ossì

Against the crisis of publishing and of the author porn sector, even the world of indiemags welcomes its bevy of magazines all dedicated to eroticism. To make us overwhelmingly enjoy on paper there is also Bones, all-Italian erotic fanzine born from the genius of Alice Scornajenghi.
April 02, 2019