Archivio Contemporaneo: esplorazioni visive tra cartaceo e digitale

Contemporary Archive: visual explorations between paper and digital

Archive Contemporaneo is a successful experiment of hybridization between paper and digital, a magazine / catalog that is unique in its genre for its ability to mix different languages, giving space to new artistic expressions and new narratives of the contemporary. 
You can find it exclusively on Frab's.

November 24, 2021
Slow inspiration: intervista alle fondatrici di W(e)ave Magazine

Slow inspiration: interview with the founders of W (e) ave Magazine

W (e) ave is a paper revolution in strong colors that is born from the desire to make people discover the wonder of independent, ethical and sustainable fashion in a contemporary, captivating and understandable way. But under the pretext of fashion, W (e) ave tells a different lifestyle and invites us to rediscover the beauty of slowing down.


August 29, 2021
Manaròt nel nostro Secret Mag Club di giugno

Manaròt in our Secret Mag Club in June

Manaròt, the magazine we have selected for our June Secret, is a strange creature, who however lets himself be loved. Daughter of a territory that has shaped it, between Trentino and Alto Adige / Südtirol, it brings back in its pages with essential graphics all the cultural contaminations, hybridizations and creative chaos that only border areas know. Nicolò Tabarelli and Davide Gritti tell us about their editorial project, including funny anecdotes and literary forays.
July 02, 2021
Intervista ad Antonella Pescetto di Orlando

Interview with Antonella Pescetto from Orlando

If we were to make a game and describe Orlando magazine with just one adjective, surely this would be beauty. The pages of this multidisciplinary magazine with an Italian soul exude all the beauty that can be found in a work of art as well as in a good glass of wine, in an unusual reading or in a design suite. We interviewed Antonella to let us better tell her creature.

June 23, 2021
Emanuela Martini ci racconta il suo Cineforum

Emanuela Martini tells us about her Cineforum

Founded in 1962, Cineforum in 2020 changes its skin: format, graphics and periodicity are revisited, remaining faithful to the original in the contents. Among its pages presentations and reviews alternate with controversy and discussions on dozens of films, analysis of film trends and authorial trends in this sector.
On the occasion of the release of the first issue we interviewed Emanuela Martini, editor of the magazine.

March 23, 2021
Yogurt Magazine nel nostro Secret Mag Club di febbraio

Yogurt Magazine in our February Secret Mag Club

Kitsch, grotesque, disturbing, but precisely for this fascinating, to leaf through page after page with voyeuristic obsession. We could briefly describe the latest issue of Yogurt magazine, the Italian contemporary photography magazine that we hosted in our Secret Mag Club in February and which dedicated its second edition to bad taste. We asked Francesco Rombaldi, editor in chief and curator of Yogurt, to tell us something more about this project.
February 26, 2021
Guida alla stampa risograph: intervista a Concretipo Studio

Guide to printing risograph: interview with Concretipo Studio

Direct descendant of the mimeograph, the Risograph is experiencing a new flowering among artists and publishers precisely because of its characteristics of craftsmanship and its limits, which make each printed copy unique and different from the other. The guys from Concretipo Studio tell us about it.
February 09, 2021
The Bloody Mary: intervista a Jesy Moliterno e Uliana Sgura

The Bloody Mary: interview with Jesy Moliterno and Uliana Sgura

Pink candy cover and a font that in our mind recalls the gothic world, but don't be fooled by the (beautiful) cover, The Bloody Mary is really what you don't expect, giving to the panorama of Italian independent magazines a breath of freshness and experimentation that has perhaps been missing for a while.
February 02, 2021
Perimetro Block rivista indipendente Milano

Sebastiano Leddi tells us about Perimeter

Born in 2018, at a time when Milan was experiencing one of its luckiest periods, between art, culture and fashion, Perimeter today it reinvents itself and greets 2021 with a new shape, the square, and a new series, Block, which speaks better of our contemporary.
January 12, 2021
Pantheon, un magazine camaleontico

Pantheon, a chameleonic magazine

Among all the magazines that we have been lucky enough to read, we have found one that reaches a very high level of experimentation: it is called (for this isse 0) Pantheon, it is Italian and its heart are illustrations
December 17, 2020