I DImezzati: intervista a Nicola Feninno di CTRL magazine - Frab's Magazines & More

I DImezzati: interview with Nicola Feninno from CTRL magazine

Nicola Feninno, director of CTRL magazine, told us some curiosities about I DIMEZZATI, the second volume of the Normalissima Trilogy started with ULTRAUOMINI
June 25, 2020
ACT Magazine - Intervista a Wassim Fakhouri - Frab's Magazines & More

ACT Magazine - Interview with Wassim Fakhouri

ACT (See The Act) Magazine is an editorial experiment entirely dedicated to art that intrigued us for the charismatic and hypercreative figure of the mind that gave birth to it: Wassim Fakhouri (photo), young and eccentric artistic director who divides his life between Toronto and Beirut, his homeland. We interviewed him to let us tell the genesis of this magazine.
May 10, 2020
Cinque minuti con Natassa Pappa di Desired Lanscapes - Frab's Magazines & More

Five minutes with Natassa Pappa from Desired Lanscapes

Natassa Pappa, creator of Desired Landscapes is the protagonist of our first video-interview. We asked her how her magazine was born, but also some great advice for those who want to try to launch their own independent publication. Natassa will not hide from us that it is tough, but if you remember why an editorial project is so important to you, all the difficulties take a back seat. 
May 02, 2020
Come creare una rivista - Intervista a Fontegrafica - Frab's Magazines & More

How to create a magazine - Interview with Fontegrafica

Tips for creating an independent magazine? We asked Fontegrafica, leader in Italy in the graphic arts sector, to give some useful advice to those who want to approach the creation of a magazine.
April 26, 2020
Interviste: nelle viscere di QUANTO Magazine - Frab's Magazines & More

Interviews: in the bowels of QUANTO Magazine

HOW MUCH it is not a magazine that goes unnoticed and, to be honest, it is also a bit difficult to call it a magazine, different as it is from anything that has ever come into your hands. We interviewed Giovani Cavalleri and Zeno Toppan to tell us about the editorial choices that hide behind their magazine
April 18, 2020
Interviste: RVM, Parlare di arte e società con la fotografia - Frab's Magazines & More

Interviews: RVM, Talking about art and society with photography

RVM Hub is a complex project, a company that concentrates its forces, artistic and communicative flair in a magazine of stories and photography with an all-Italian heart, a mandatory step for those who today want to delve into the maze of independent periodical publishing in our home. . A visual and tactile experience to try that we let ourselves be told by the founders Agnese Porto and Giammaria de Gasperis.

April 04, 2020
Polpettas on Paper - Issue 4 - Frab's Magazines & More

Polpettas on Paper - Issue 4

With its highly detailed long-form interviews with contemporary artists from around the world, this independent magazine with an Italian heart is a must have for art lovers in all its forms

July 12, 2019
Chi sono "Gli Ultrauomini?" - La nostra intervista a Nicola Feninno - Frab's Magazines & More

Who are "The Ultra Men?" - Our interview with Nicola Feninno

Interview with Nicola Feninno of CTRL Magazine on "Gli Ultrauomini", the latest work of the publishing house that will be presented in Rimini by Frab's Magazines.
June 16, 2019