Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's #3: Sali e Tabacchi

Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's #3: Sali e Tabacchi

Sali e Tabacchi è un'atmosfera geografica, una dimensione umana dell'Italia. Indaga rituali, tradizioni e cultura della penisola incontrando uomini e donne che ogni giorno creano e realizzano un'arte fuori dalle logiche più comuni. Il numero 2 è pura "Follia Creatrice". 
December 03, 2021
Il Calendario dell’Avvento di Frab’s: #2 BranD

Il Calendario dell’Avvento di Frab’s: #2 BranD

Nella seconda casellina del nostro calendario dell'avvento non potevamo non mettere una rivista che arriva da lontano, più precisamente da Hong Kong, per raccontarci tutto sulla realizzazione, le composizioni e non solo nel mondo del type design. Designer di caratteri tipografici raccontano il loro processo creativo, diverso in ogni parte del mondo
December 02, 2021
Il Calendario dell’Avvento di Frab’s: #1 Blumenhaus

Frab’s Advent Calendar: # 1 Blumenhaus

We inaugurate the advent calendar with the highly anticipated second issue of one of the magazines you loved the most in this 2021. Blumenhaus, in its second edition, once again gives us the emotion that only flowers, mixed with fashion and art , they know how to give. And when you browse it you can almost smell its perfume.
December 01, 2021
Courier magazine

Work better and live smarter: Courier magazine tells you how

We like Courier because he is able to speak to everyone, but above all because he is the most practical magazine of inspiration and economics that we know, one of the few able to offer concrete help to those who are transforming their idea into a real business
October 31, 2021
'tina: la rivistina di Matteo B. Bianchi nel Secret Mag Club di settembre

'tina: the magazine by Matteo B. Bianchi in the Secret Mag Club in September

Our Secret Mag Club in September was a bit special because it contained a special issue of 'tina, the literary magazine of Matteo B. Bianchi which for the occasion disguised itself as a book and hosted 12 stories all to laugh, cry and get excited.
October 09, 2021
Quanto n.3 nel nostro Secret Mag Club di agosto

How much # 3 in our August Secret Mag Club

For the August Secret Mag Club we have selected the new issue of QUANTO, the Italian speculative fiction magazine that, in this edition, projects us into a world where monkeys whisper, people turn into hair and the world has just ended.
August 27, 2021
Carnale magazine riscrive la storia delle riviste erotiche

Carnale magazine rewrites the history of erotic magazines

Carnale is not just a fashion and eros magazine, it is a forerunner of what periodical publishing, independent and otherwise, should do to survive the spells of those who have been extolling its end for years, but above all an intelligent way to combine analog and digital. in a marriage that we wish very long

June 27, 2021
Discontent - I temi politici nel mondo indipendente

Discontent - Political issues in the independent world

There are still few well-made political journals in the independent world. Discontent is an exciting new release from 2021 that focuses on current events and turmoil in the Middle East.
May 23, 2021
Perfect, il nuovo magazine di Katie Grand

Perfect, the new Katie Grand magazine

Perfect is not just another magazine and it is not a classic fashion magazine, it presents itself as a big book that makes its multi-channel approach its real strength. Editor-in-chief Katie Grand presents it like this: "What we strove to do with Perfect was to take the magazine format and elevate it from a disposable paper product to a desirable object that satisfies all the senses."
May 13, 2021
Sirene Journal nel nostro Secret Mag Club di Aprile

Sirene Journal in our April Secret Mag Club

For the Secret Mag Club of April 2021 we have selected issue 12 of Sirene Journal, an Italian magazine which tells the philosophy of the sea, the feelings and passion of those who experience this natural element in its purest and least touristy form.
April 25, 2021