'tina: la rivistina di Matteo B. Bianchi nel Secret Mag Club di settembre

'tina: the magazine by Matteo B. Bianchi in the Secret Mag Club in September

Our Secret Mag Club in September was a bit special because it contained a special issue of 'tina, the literary magazine of Matteo B. Bianchi which for the occasion disguised itself as a book and hosted 12 stories all to laugh, cry and get excited.
October 09, 2021
Quanto n.3 nel nostro Secret Mag Club di agosto

How much # 3 in our August Secret Mag Club

For the August Secret Mag Club we have selected the new issue of QUANTO, the Italian speculative fiction magazine that, in this edition, projects us into a world where monkeys whisper, people turn into hair and the world has just ended.
August 27, 2021
Manaròt nel nostro Secret Mag Club di giugno

Manaròt in our Secret Mag Club in June

Manaròt, the magazine we have selected for our June Secret, is a strange creature, who however lets himself be loved. Daughter of a territory that has shaped it, between Trentino and Alto Adige / Südtirol, it brings back in its pages with essential graphics all the cultural contaminations, hybridizations and creative chaos that only border areas know. Nicolò Tabarelli and Davide Gritti tell us about their editorial project, including funny anecdotes and literary forays.
July 02, 2021
Sirene Journal nel nostro Secret Mag Club di Aprile

Sirene Journal in our April Secret Mag Club

For the Secret Mag Club of April 2021 we have selected issue 12 of Sirene Journal, an Italian magazine which tells the philosophy of the sea, the feelings and passion of those who experience this natural element in its purest and least touristy form.
April 25, 2021
Are We Europe nel nostro Secret Mag Club di Marzo

Are We Europe in our March Secret Mag Club

In the Secret Mag Club of March 2021 we have chosen to talk about Europe and journalism with the magazine Are We Europe. A political journalism magazine that chooses to tell Europe in a different way from the one we know, rigorously deepening the stories and reasons of its people and its peoples.
March 29, 2021
Yogurt Magazine nel nostro Secret Mag Club di febbraio

Yogurt Magazine in our February Secret Mag Club

Kitsch, grotesque, disturbing, but precisely for this fascinating, to leaf through page after page with voyeuristic obsession. We could briefly describe the latest issue of Yogurt magazine, the Italian contemporary photography magazine that we hosted in our Secret Mag Club in February and which dedicated its second edition to bad taste. We asked Francesco Rombaldi, editor in chief and curator of Yogurt, to tell us something more about this project.
February 26, 2021
Unseen Projects e Urbarïum nel Secret Mag Club di gennaio

Unseen Projects and Urbarïum in the Secret Mag Club in January

In our first Secret Mag Club of 2021 we decided to give our subscribers a double surprise: a truly exclusive artist's zine and Urbarium Semen, our travel notebook.
January 31, 2021
Storia del Secret Mag Club - L'abbonamento alle riviste di Frab's - Frab's Magazines & More

History of the Secret Mag Club - The subscription to Frab's magazines

When we founded Frab's, we asked ourselves how to interpret the subscription service for independent magazines. 
Taking a cue from various European models and we have given life to the formula of Secret Mag Club, the first and only Italian subscription of independent magazines (surprisingly!).
May 03, 2020
Foto d’epoca e storie nel Secret Mag Club - Frab's Magazines & More

Vintage photos and stories in the Secret Mag Club

On our packages you often find old analogue photos. From March these photos come to life in a story reserved for members of the Secret Mag Club.
March 03, 2020
Secret Mag Club #10 dicembre 2019 - Frab's Magazines & More

Secret Mag Club # 10 December 2019

We are sure that everyone, in this month of enjoyable parties and tables, was doubly surprised by ours Secret Mag ClubGiven that Christmas is now over and everyone should have unwrapped their very secret Frab's package, we can also reveal to you what was in this month's Secret Mag Club.

December 27, 2019