Noblerot n. 19 - Vino e cibo per sommelier senza giacchetta - Frab's Magazines & More

Noblerot no. 19 - Wine and food for sommeliers without jacket

Noblerot it is nothing more than the brilliant editorial invention of a real-life restaurant. An independent magazine whose only advertisement is that of its team of chefs and dining room staff. A magazine that can only have a single, very clear objective, that of conquering sommeliers without a label, lovers of good wine (and good food) who do not consider their passion an exact science 
April 23, 2019
Bloom Magazine n.2 - Giardinaggio di primavera - Frab's Magazines & More

Bloom Magazine n.2 - Spring gardening

Bloom is the magazine for those who love order, care and the combination of colors in gardens and house plants or in small spaces. Full of practical advice and beautiful photos of supermarket maps or real color jewels discovered especially for readers.
April 13, 2019
MacGuffin n.6 - Una magistrale dissertazione sulla palla - Frab's Magazines & More

MacGuffin n.6 - A masterful dissertation on the ball

MacGuffin is a magazine for graphic designers, designers and architects that will amaze you with the depth with which it analyzes the individual themes that give the title and specialization to its editions, from the sink to the rope, from the bed to the window, to arrive in this issue 6 to the ball. MacGuffin traces in each of his volumes the history, anamnesis and details of apparently common objects to give them non-trivial meanings and look at them from a slightly less considered side. 
April 10, 2019
Typism - Il mook per i fan della tipografia - Frab's Magazines & More

Typism - The mook for typography fans

Typism is the Australian magazine for typography enthusiasts and professionals. It collects the typographic works of 192 professionals from all over the world, produced in black and white in a single volume. Available at a special price for pre-order until Sunday 7 April.
April 06, 2019
Ossì fanzine erotica

Get excited among the pages of a fanzine, or Ossì

Against the crisis of publishing and of the author porn sector, even the world of indiemags welcomes its bevy of magazines all dedicated to eroticism. To make us overwhelmingly enjoy on paper there is also Bones, all-Italian erotic fanzine born from the genius of Alice Scornajenghi.
April 02, 2019
Riviste cinesi di moda: Rouge Fashion Book e le altre - Frab's Magazines & More

Chinese fashion magazines: Rouge Fashion Book and others

China is close. But above all China is a candidate to become the greatest superpower even in fields where the old world and Italy in particular continue to defend themselves only on the strength of old glories of the past. Among them, fashion.
March 24, 2019
Perchè Frab's? - Frab's Magazines & More

Why Frab's?

Finally Frab's Magazines & More is online. With a lot of emotion and even a little fear, in a historical period that makes inculturation a value, we have decided to invest in the value of culture.

Frab's is the project we have been working on for months: spreading a type of publishing capable of closing with the past and opening up to new frontiers. Independent magazines as art objects with attention to aesthetics and contents, ready and invading us with their paper scent. Selected to give collectors items to those who want to be part of our community.

We have chosen not to have all the independent magazines in circulation: our catalog currently contains about 70, from all over the world. Others will be added, but we do not claim to become a magazine vending machine. For years and increasingly in recent months we carry out a meticulous work of scouting and selection of the best magazines based on accuracy and refinement of content, design and choice of materials. We are open to proposals and recommendations of new magazines to be put in the catalog, but we are very clear that we want to become a reference point for those looking for quality and exclusivity for magazines that know how to look to the future and become a collector's heritage tomorrow. 

Now let's go. Are you ready to be surprised?

March 15, 2019